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15 Marbled Design Makeup Brushes Set

Overview: 1. This set includes3 unique brushes to help create an array of different looks.  2. Different shapes and sizes

Hair Identifier Spray Set For Face Shaving Moisturizing Dermaplaner Spray For Face Shaving Skin Care

How to use: After cleaning the face, spray this product evenly on the face, and use a spatula to gently scrape off the fine fuzz, after washing in time to do a good job of moisturizing work.   Product Information: Material: PET Capacity: 100ml Ingredients: water, mint extract, Radix Saposhnikoviae extract, Radix Bupleuri

Stainless Steel Round Mixed Color Eyebrow Trimming Knife.

Product information: Model: Eyebrow trimming knife Color classification: pink, blue, yellow, black Shelf life: 3 years Efficacy: Shaving eyebrows Specification: